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Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling

As teenagers grow toward adulthood and face increasingly difficult challenges, it can be appropriate for teens to have individual therapy. This process begins with parents joining the teen on the initial intake to allow the therapist to explain roles and the limits of confidentiality.

Family Counseling

Sometimes, it is appropriate for the counselor to involve the teen in family therapy with parents or other family members. This is common from a family systems approach in order to help the family and teen deal with the challenges or symptoms of the family. The approach is one of developing better supports and finding healthier ways for the family and teen to manage interactions.

Family Support

Parenting Support

Parenting can be difficult to manage. At times, the therapist and family may choose to focus the therapy on supporting the parents. Many family problems can overwhelm parents and leave them resigned to acceptance or blaming their children. By supporting parents, we encourage change within the parents that then works as powerful agents of change on the children.

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