Tara Cantrell, LCMHC


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Tara Cantrell, LCMHC

Tara is a licensed clinical mental health counselor with Clear Creek Counseling. She holds a Masters of Clinician Mental Health Counseling from Montreat College. Tara has a passion for working with people who have experienced the tough stuff in life, helping them overcome and thrive. Many of those she works with have experienced very stressful life circumstances and find themselves struggling with difficulty sleeping, self-criticism, a lot of anxiety, and a host of other challenges that make life feel particularly hard. Tara is specially trained in EMDR and Cognitive Processing Therapy to effectively help you overcome these hurts.

Tara has worked with trauma survivors in various places. She spent some time working in a domestic violence shelter, a residential psychiatric unit for teens, in hospitals, and elsewhere. Today, she works most often with sexual abuse survivors.

Tara enjoys strong coffee, writing, and the outdoors. She is an avid dog person. In fact, She lives in Charlotte with her husband and her two crazy dogs, Mars and Zeus.

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