Larry Brown, LPC


Are you tired of bouncing back and forth between avoiding your problems and spending too much time focused on them? Nobody gets a “pass” on life’s ups and downs, but what if you learned to have a different relationship with your problems. We all get stuck from time to time and need to take a new approach to get back on track. Sometimes we find unhealthy solutions to our situations that may work in the short run but are ultimately destructive to us and those closest to us.

Or maybe you are going through a transition in your life and wondering how to grow into that change and embrace the opportunities it affords. You want to reconnect with what is most true to your spirit and brings a renewed sense of energy to life. Even changes in life that are positive for us can be hard to make and require us to be comfortable with the unknown.

Human beings are complex creatures so it’s no wonder that the problems we face are complex too. My approach to therapy includes the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy along with a holistic, wellness based, style that encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Together we will envision what a full life could be and take the first steps in achieving that life.

I received my Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree from Kent State University in Ohio. I have gained a wealth of life experiences from marriage, career change, family relocation, raising children, and now the challenges of aging. I have worked with adult men and women with a number of different problems in their lives. Most of my work has been with men and the struggles they face around life issues, addiction, and unhealthy lifestyle patterns.

Time spent in nature has always been important to me. I even spent many years working at a nature center. Physical fitness is a big part of my life as well. My Charlotte household is a very busy place with my wife, two dogs, and two cats.