Couple’s Counseling

Clear Creek Counseling offers two types of couple’s counseling. We offer traditional hourly couple’s counseling and we also offer couple’s counseling intensives for highly committed couples who want to see significant improvement, revitalization, and strengthening of their marriage.

Traditional Couple's Counseling


After years of working with couple’s, we (Grace & Lonnie) have become proficient at several theories for couple’s therapy. Each couple presents with unique combinations of personality, challenges, and strengths as well as current functioning level. Our approach treats each couple and their situations specifically while discovering the approach which best fits the couple. We work best with couple’s who are both committed to their relationship and know what kind of relationship they want while being uncertain about how to go about it.

Here are some tools we use in couple’s counseling:

Prepare-Enrich has been an assessment tool I(Lonnie) have used to help couples prepare for marriage as well as how to prepare and practice healthy conversational give and take. Couples complete an assessment, which provides a couple’s profile report explaining the strengths and challenges of the relationships. Couples also appreciate the assessments graphs and charts

Gottman Level 1 Training has been useful in understanding some of the latest research done in understanding healthy couples and debunking common myths.  Resolving arguments as a goal continues to be a common myth in couple’s counseling, when instead real effort needs to be focused on getting out of gridlock. Also, developing enjoyable companionship and trust serves to protect the quality of the relationship through disagreements.

In addition, the creative use of family sculpting in the session provides the couple with more insight about the emotional state of the relationship. This technique provides a method to move beyond the words used in typical talk therapy.  For many couples, this dramatically breaks through gridlock where traditional talk therapy only becomes more mired.


Couple's Intensives (or As We Like to Call it, Your Personal Counseling Retreat)

Clear Creek Counseling now offers full day couple’s Intensive therapy with of two licensed professional counselors working in concert., Grace Hodgson, LPC and Lonnie Mullet, LPC. This collaborative team counseling fits well with highly committed couples who want to see significant improvement and strengthening of their marriage. The intensive approach does not promise a quick fix, but it does help the couple dig deeper without becoming sidetracked.

To get started, please request and complete the questionnaire provided by Clear Creek Counseling. Part of this assessment includes completing the Gottman Relationship Checkup. This assessment takes approximately two hours for each individual and provides the therapist with recommendations as well as areas of strengths and weaknesses. This assessment is confidential, fully HIPPA compliant, and will only be seen by your couple’s therapist. For those clients who are local, additional couple’s sessions can be arranged as follow up to the therapy intensives. For those outside the Charlotte area, you will be given a specific follow-up plan and referred to a therapist with similar training near your community.

Couple at Peace

Benefits of intensive couple’s therapy:

1) Couple’s therapy delivered by both a male and female therapists. This approach provides both perspectives at the same time. You and your partner will benefit from the insight, life experience, and training of two different therapists at the same time. As we work with you and your spouse, we alternately and seamlessly bring to the table each of our clinical experiences, life experiences, sense of humor and personality.

2) Reduced time spent in weekly therapy ‘catching up’ with the events of the past week. It’s easy to lose the big picture by getting caught in the daily struggles.  This distraction keeps the therapist from helping each partner address personal and marital needs and desires. By working in one, two, or three full days, the focused attention keeps the progress on track allowing couples and therapists to gain momentum quickly.

3) Same day individual debriefing sessions between each couple’s therapy session allow for you to gain insight to carry into the next couple session.  This allows you to quickly practice the skill learned in the individual debriefs.

4) This allows for a jump start in bringing healing, new life, and deeper meaning to your relationship. Instead of taking weeks to begin to feel understood and see progress a time and resource commitment like this can accelerate could easily take a dozen sessions. Clinical studies support that couple’s benefit from bunching multiple sessions together and then slowly reducing to weekly, every two weeks, and every three weeks.


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