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People who suffer from anxiety often feel invisible. Many are embarrassed to tell friends or family members. However, it is very common. The symptoms range from panic attacks, sweaty hands, dizziness, nausea, self-defeating thoughts, and avoiding activities, hobbies or promotions.

If untreated, anxiety can develop into depressive symptoms which are why anxiety and depression are sometimes referred to as sisters. The wonderful news is that anxiety can be very responsive to treatment with consistent use of effective coping tools including relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and behavioral interventions. Call us today to set up your appointment 980-395-3062.

Why Fire Drills Are Important for Anxiety…

Growing up, most of us have encountered the dreaded fire drill in school. Typically, a monthly practice that is “unannounced” so that it’s continually evaluated. The fire drill as defined by Wikipedia is “the method of practicing how a building would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergency.” Many of us can remember the loud siren ringing indicating the need to evacuate the building and begin the practiced routine. When practiced regularly, it is something that you could do with little thought, almost second nature. Everyone lines up in unison, quickly walking to the designated area that is a safe distance away from the building. At first, there may be some mishaps and confusion, which is why practice is so important. The practice fire drill may seem like common sense to most and the need after doing it for so many years may be questioned. Even while reading this piece, you may be wondering, ‘what does a fire drill have to do with anxiety?’.

For those of us who have ever had dealt with anxiety or had a panic attack, you may not know what to do when its symptoms are in full bloom. Racing or irregular heartbeat, restlessness, unwanted thoughts, sweating, fear, tightening throat, excessive worry are all symptoms you may experience when anxious. Experiencing an anxiety attack can be awful and the worry and fear of when the next one will come can increase the symptoms. Imagine for a moment, if you had a manual or prescribed routine to manage an attack. How would you feel to know there was a way to manage your anxiety and even recognize the early symptoms of an attack? I imagine it would provide hope and a feeling of comfort. Similar to a fire drill, it is important to prepare yourself for an anxiety attack. In therapy, I teach my clients how to properly breathe in a manner that will provide ease and release. We also use progressive muscle relaxation to target specific muscle groups by increasing and reducing tension. Activities such as mindfulness, guided meditation, and positive self-talk are incorporated into the “anxiety drill” to be incorporated into one’s daily life so when the internal “fire alarm” goes off, the body and mind use the practiced routine to reduce symptoms and prevent further discomfort.  

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