Anger is an Emotion…


It’s not good OR bad.

 The problem is how anger is expressed.

If we engage in useless venting, we can feel frustrated at our inability to change our lives.  On the other end, smothering anger leads to blowups later. When we direct anger at the wrong person, usually a person we love or a person we work with, it damages our relationships.

Dealing with Anger

Anger Itself Isn’t the Cause of the Damage

Developing more effective tools to appropriately express our frustration and direct our anger in better ways can be very powerful. At times, strong emotion serves an important purpose and function. It can act as an indicator for injustice or a life out of balance. Sometimes, anger may be covering another deeper emotion. You may actually struggle with anxiety or fear that leads to infrequent and sometimes seemingly unpredictable anger eruptions. Other times, irritability can be a sign of feeling depressed. When your irritability comes across to co-workers as being ‘hard to deal with’ or to your family as ‘not interested in having fun’, this could actually be a sign of not having the kind of life you want.   This can take the form of true clinical depression or what can best be described as existential or lack of meaning or happiness with your life.

Getting Tools to Help Yourself

If you need help managing your reactions or frustrations, please contact us. We can meet in the privacy of our office. I can provide documentation verifying completion for either your place of employment or attorney if that is needed. During our time, we will utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and provide practical tools to help manage your symptoms and behaviors.  We will also work to uncover what may be driving your anger so you can resolve any hidden emotion and return your life to balance.

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